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Connect Bitbucket with Slack to Receive Notifications

Bitbucket, Slack, Sysadmin, Workflow
David Egan

Receive Slack notifications when activity occurs on a Bitbucket repo. This is a useful way for team members to monitor progress.

This assumes that you’ve added the Bitbucket app to Slack.


  • Go to
  • Select Bitbucket
  • “Add Configuration”
  • Choose channel, select “Add Bitbucket Integration”
  • Copy the provided webhook - this will be required in the steps outlined below


  • Go to repo
  • Select “Settings” in left navigation
  • “Workflow” section, click “Add webhook” button
  • Give the webhook a unique name and paste in the hook generated by Slack as described above
  • Select “Choose from a full list of triggers” for additional utility

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