Dev Notes

Various Cheat Sheets and Resources by David Egan/Carawebs.

Javascript Resources

Educational Resources, JavaScript
David Egan

Collection of resources for learning Javascript.


    • Learn javascripting basics npm install -g javascripting
    • Learn Node basics: npm install -g learnyounode
    • Learn git: npm install -g git-it
  • Get started with Node

Online Javascript Courses and Cheatsheets

Useful cheat sheet from WebsiteSetup:

Udacity has loads of free JavaScript courses. I did the Design Patterns course, which was very useful:

General Javascript Books & eBooks

  • Bip32 Generator git clone ; cd ; open index.html - Bip32 Deterministic Heirarchical Keys (prefix xpub* and xprv*) based on a simple brainwallet (aka arbitrary mnemonic) passphrase.
  • Bip39 Mnemonic Code Converter npm install bip39 ; npm run compile lets you create Bip39 mnemonics (typically 12 words) used for deterministic keys, typically for Bip32.

<!– * Bitcoin 101 - Getting Started With Bitcore - A Full JavaScript Implementation of Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin Quick Tools - Simple browser-based app (loaded locally) that is Bitcore.js. Has key and address generator and simple transaction tool. Useful working example of browserfy bitcore.js code. –>

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