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Various Cheat Sheets and Resources by David Egan/Carawebs.

Recursively Find and Replace Strings in Files

Linux, find, sed
David Egan

It can be useful to amend strings within project files - perhaps when spinning up a new project from a generated starting point.

I use this when setting the namespace of a new project.

Combine find and sed

Gnu find allows you to find files within a directory tree.

Sed is a unix utility that parses and transforms text, and is available for most operating systems.

Replace String in All Project Files

The command shown below is for Ubuntu.

find /path/to/my-project -type f -exec sed -i 's/OldString/NewString/g' {} \;

find will execute sed substituting {} with the filename found - in this case, all files under /path/to/my-project.

The \; ending means that sed is passed one file at a time.


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