Dev Notes

Software Development Resources by David Egan.

Category: Linux

LUKS Encrypt Hard Drive with Cryptsetup on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux
Build Python from Source in Linux Linux, Python
Integer Input in C C, Linux
Copy to Clipboard in Vim under Ubuntu Linux, vim
Securely Erase A Drive from the Linux Command Line Linux, Security
Symlinking to Directories in Linux Linux
Access $USER Environment Variable in a Cron Triggered Script in Ubuntu Bash, Linux
Encrypted Backup Drive in Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 Linux, Security, Sysadmin
Duplicate a Drive in Linux Bash, Linux, Sysadmin
Nano Highlighting in Config Files Linux, Nano, Sysadmin
Apache Server Security on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Apache, Linux, Security, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Mount and Transfer Data From an Encrypted Filesystem in Ubuntu Linux, Sysadmin
Secure rsync Between Servers Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, rsync
Persistent Iptables Rules in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Firewall, Iptables, Linux, Security, Server, Sysadmin
Apache Virtual Host Setup Apache, Linux, Server, Sysadmin
Mount Disk Drives in Ubuntu & Raspbian Linux, Raspberry Pi, Sysadmin
Connect Raspberry Pi Backup Server to Remote Server Linux, Raspberry Pi, Sysadmin
Accessing Local Fileserver in Ubuntu Backup, Linux, Sysadmin
Manipulate Paths and Filenames Bash, Linux, Sysadmin
iptables Ubuntu Firewall Linux, Security, Ubuntu
Wget Commands Linux, Sysadmin, Terminal, wget
Recursively Find and Replace Strings in Files Find, Linux, Sed
Using rsync to Copy Incremental Backups Backup, Linux, Rsync, Sysadmin
Find and Replace Filenames Command Line, Linux, Sysadmin
rsync Notes- Push a WP Plugin Bash, Linux, Rsync, Sysadmin, WordPress
Incremental Backup using rsync with Hardlinks Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, Ubuntu, rsync
Secure rsync Between Servers Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, rsync
Setup Logwatch Linux, Server, Sysadmin
LAMP Stack Setup LAMP, Linux, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Setup Linux, Server, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Incremental Timestamped Local Backup BASH, Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, rsync
Node, NVM & NPM on Ubuntu 14.04 JavaScript, Linux, NPM, NodeJS, Tools
Set Up restricted SFTP Access Using OpenSSH Linux, Sysadmin
Securing a Ubuntu 14.04 Server Linux, Security, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Install Jekyll on Ubuntu Jekyll, Linux, Sysadmin, Tools
Install Atom Ubuntu Linux, Sysadmin, Tools
Set up a LAMP stack Linux, Sysadmin
Syncing with Bitbucket BASH, Linux, Sysadmin, Tools, WordPress, git
Set Up WP Development Environment Linux, Sysadmin, WordPress
Linux Cheat Sheet Linux
Second Dropbox on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux, Sysadmin, Ubuntu