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Category: C

Using C++ Vectors in C Functions C, C++,
Notes on GNU Make C, C++, Make
Debugging C and C++ with GDB C, C++, Debugging
Pointer Arithmetic & Multiple Dereferencing in C C
Memoization when Computing Fibonacci Sequence in C C, algorithms
Initialize a C Array with Values C
Double Negation Operator Convert to Boolean in C C, C++
Convert integer to array of char bytes Bitshifting, C, C++
Build an Array of Strings From a File in C C, Strings
Convert an Array of Unsigned Chars to an int32_t Value C, C++
Passing Strings in C C, Strings
Get a line from stdin in C C
qsort Comparison Function C
Integer Input in C C, Linux
Conditional Printing in C and C++ Using a Ternary Statement C, C++
Strings in C C, Strings
Radix 64 Encoding: Implementation in C C, Encoding
Double Pointers and Linked List in C C, Pointers
HTTP Server in C C, HTTP, Sockets
Parse Command Line Arguments in C and C++ C, C++