Dev Notes

Various Cheat Sheets and Resources by David Egan/Carawebs.

Category: BASH

Access $USER Environment Variable in a Cron Triggered Script in Ubuntu BASH, Linux
Bitcoin Cold Wallet Setup Bash Script BASH, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Duplicate a Drive in Linux BASH, Linux, Sysadmin
Enable all Apache Config Files Apache, BASH, Sysadmin
Jekyll Deploy Methodology BASH, Deployment, Jekyll, Rsync, SSH
Manipulate Paths and Filenames BASH, Linux, Sysadmin
rsync Notes- Push a WP Plugin BASH, Linux, Rsync, Sysadmin, WordPress
Incremental Timestamped Local Backup BASH, Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, rsync
Quick Build WordPress & Roots BASH, Roots, WordPress
Syncing with Bitbucket BASH, Linux, Sysadmin, Tools, WordPress, git