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Software Development Resources by David Egan.

Category: WordPress

Manage and Safely Delete Revisions in WordPress MariaDB, MySQL, WordPress
Automatically Embed GitHub Gists in WordPress PHP, WordPress
WordPress Reserved Terms and Post Requests Forms, PHP, WordPress
Manage WordPress Plugins Using Composer Composer, PHP, WordPress
Filtering the WordPress Menu Bootstrap 4, PHP, WordPress
Convert ACF Fields Registered by PHP to Importable JSON Format ACF, PHP, WordPress
Variable Variables in PHP PHP, WordPress
Preventing User Enumeration in WordPress Apache, Security, WordPress
Inject Menu Item into a Specific WordPress Menu Navigation, WordPress
WordPress Basic Ajax Ajax, WordPress
Check Site Backup Integrity: WordPress/PHP MySQL Backup, VirtualBox, WordPress
Display WordPress Term Links Front End, WordPress
WordPress Pagination with WP_Query - Page Slug Causing Error WP_Query, WordPress
Moving a Site to a New Domain - Apache Redirects/Rewrites Apache, Server, Sysadmin, WordPress
Bulk Import Images Using WP-CLI WP-CLI, WordPress
Add MixitUp to a Sage Project MixItUp, Sage, WordPress
WordPress Pages for Posts - Show the Content Editor WordPress
Deregister Open Sans from WordPress Admin WordPress, Workflow
Bootstrap 3 Header Markup for Sage WordPress Theme Bootstrap, Sage, WordPress
Parse YAML in PHP Using Symfony YAML Composer, PHP, WordPress, YAML
Get Column Names from a WordPress Database Table MySQL, PHP, WordPress
Fail2Ban and WordPress Fail2Ban, Security, Sysadmin, WordPress
Retrieve and Display WordPress ACF Repeater Field Data ACF, PHP, WordPress
Rebuild WordPress Site From Incremental Backup Backup, Sysadmin, WordPress
Relative File Paths in PHP PHP, WordPress
rsync Notes- Push a WP Plugin Bash, Linux, Rsync, Sysadmin, WordPress
WordPress Error Logging WordPress
WordPress Filter Hooks WordPress
WordPress Action Hooks WordPress
WordPress File & Directory Permissions Sysadmin, WordPress
WordPress Body Classes WordPress
WordPress Class Autoloader PHP, WordPress
An Array of Post IDs from WP_Query PHP, WordPress
Update WordPress User Meta WordPress
Quick Build WordPress & Roots BASH, Roots, WordPress
Bootstrap Carousel with Indicators Navigation for WordPress ACF, Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress, jQuery
Add Items to a WordPress Navigation ul WordPress
Bootstrap Modals Bootstrap, CSS, WordPress
Remove Unused CSS in WordPress Bootstrap, CSS, Grunt, Tools, WordPress
Customise WordPress Menu Widget PHP, WordPress
Bootstrap Carousel & Thumbnail Navigation for WordPress Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress, jQuery
Manipulating date format MySQL WordPress, mySQL
Syncing with Bitbucket BASH, Linux, Sysadmin, Tools, WordPress, git
Custom Google Maps in Roots Google Maps, Roots, WordPress
WordPress CLI Tools, WP-CLI, WordPress
Set Up WP Development Environment Linux, Sysadmin, WordPress
Add Font Awesome to Roots Roots, WordPress
Custom Sidebars in Roots Roots, WordPress