Dev Notes

Software Development Resources by David Egan.

Branch Management With Git Worktree Git
Cargo Add for Dependency Management Rust
Rules of Borrowing in Rust rust
Add Methods To An Existing Type in Go Go
Use Delve to Run and Debug a Single Unit Test in Go Go
Virtualenv & Virtualenvwrapper Setup in Python 3 on Ubuntu Focal Fossa Python
LUKS Encrypt Hard Drive with Cryptsetup on Ubuntu 20.04 Linux
Bitcoin Pay To Script Hash Bitcoin
Access YAML Values from Frontmatter Using Python Python
Build Bitcoin Core in Ubuntu Bitcoin
Construct C++ Objects From Stdin C++
Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Cryptography
Pattern Matching in Rust During Variable Assignment Rust
Using C++ Vectors in C Functions C, C++,
Pseudo Random Numbers in a Range and Modulo Bias Cryptography
Notes on GNU Make C, C++, Make
Set Default Values in Rust Rust
Contrasting C and JavaScript - Make an Array of Words From a String C,, JavaScript
Debugging C and C++ with GDB C, C++, Debugging
Pointer Arithmetic & Multiple Dereferencing in C C
Build Python from Source in Linux Linux, Python
Memoization when Computing Fibonacci Sequence in C C, algorithms
Binary Search in Rust Rust, algorithms
Some or None - Handling Rust Options Rust
The Rust Ownership Model Rust
FizzBuzz in C - without the Modulus Operator C,, algorithms
Declare Default Values for Mutable Types in Python Python
Convert decimal to hexadecimal in the Python REPL Python
Initialize a C Array with Values C
Return a Result Type from the Main Function in Rust Rust
C++ Articles & Resources C++
Rust Vectors Rust
Passing by Reference in Rust Rust
Sync Forked Repo With Upstream Git
Bitcoin RPC Through SSH Tunnel Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Fast Modular Exponentiation Arithmetic, Modular
Double Negation Operator Convert to Boolean in C C, C++
Sync Forked Repo With Upstream git
Compute Bitcoin Merkle Root Bitcoin, C++, Cryptocurrency
Convert integer to array of char bytes Bitshifting, C, C++
Information Entropy Cryptography, Information Theory
Explicit Conversion Constructor in C++ C++
Lambdas in C++ C++
Build an Array of Strings From a File in C C, Strings
Convert an Array of Unsigned Chars to an int32_t Value C, C++
Find Custom Data Types in a C++ Project C++
Arrays and Slices in Rust Rust
Passing Strings in C C, Strings
Get a line from stdin in C C
Display char as Hexadecimal String in C++ C++
User Input cin in C++ C++
Guard One Liner in Bash Bash
qsort Comparison Function C
Integer Input in C C, Linux
Conditional Printing in C and C++ Using a Ternary Statement C, C++
Copy to Clipboard in Vim under Ubuntu Linux, vim
C++ error ambiguating new declaration C++
Operator Overloading Custom Output Stream in C++ C++
Import Private Key from Bitcoin Paper Wallet to Bitcoin Core Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Strings in C C, Strings
C++ Namespace Template Functions C++, Templates
Radix 64 Encoding: Implementation in C C, Encoding
Double Pointers and Linked List in C C, Pointers
First & Last Element in C++ Iterator Loop C++
Default Arguments in C++ Functions C++
Arrow Operator in C++ C++
HTTP Server in C C, HTTP, Sockets
List & Dict Comprehensions in Python Data Structures, Python
JavaScript Functions JavaScript
Set Up An Automatic LetsEncrypt Renewal Cronjob LetsEncrypt, SSL, Sysadmin
Passing Data Between Vue Components JavaScript, Vue
Persistent Banning of IP Addresses with Fail2Ban Fail2Ban, Security
Amend Bitcoin-Qt Persistent Settings for Bitcoin Core Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Combine Vectors in C++ C++, Containers, Vectors
Javascript Resources Educational Resources, JavaScript
Function Pointers in C++ C++, Functional, Pointers
Parse Command Line Arguments in C and C++ C, C++
C++ Pointers C++, Pointers
Introduction to Vectors in C++ C++, Data Structures, Vectors
Generic Programming - Simple C++ Templates C++
Define User Input From an Integer List in C++ C++
Beginner C++ Functions C++
Securely Erase A Drive from the Linux Command Line Linux, Security
Manage and Safely Delete Revisions in WordPress MariaDB, MySQL, WordPress
Symlinking to Directories in Linux Linux
Access $USER Environment Variable in a Cron Triggered Script in Ubuntu Bash, Linux
Encrypted Backup Drive in Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 Linux, Security, Sysadmin
LetEncrypt Certbot on Ubuntu Xenial Xerus LetsEncrypt, SSL
Iterating Over Dictionary in Python Data Structures, Python
Upgrading Monero Command Line Interface Cryptocurrency, Monero
Attach Click Event to Many Elements in Javascript JavaScript
Verify and Setup Litecoin Core Cryptocurrency, Litecoin, Security
Bitcoin Cold Wallet Setup Bash Script BASH, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Cold Storage Using a Bitcoin Core Wallet Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Open Encrypted Bitcoin Core Wallet Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency
Automatically Embed GitHub Gists in WordPress PHP, WordPress
Duplicate a Drive in Linux Bash, Linux, Sysadmin
Ignore IP Addresses in Fail2Ban Fail2Ban, Security, Sysadmin
Declaring Variables in Ecmascript 6 ES6, JavaScript
Reorganise Letsencrypt Certificates SSL, Sysadmin
Setup New Vue Webpack Project With Bulma Front End, JS, JavaScript, Vue, Webpack
Install and Run Geth (golang implemenation of Ethereum) on Ubuntu Cryptocurrency, Ethereum
Verification of Bitcoin Core Download in Ubuntu Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Security, Verification
Enable all Apache Config Files Apache, BASH, Sysadmin
Vue Components Front End, JavaScript, Vue
Laravel 5.4 and MariaDB Errors Laravel, MariaDB, Migrations
Nano Highlighting in Config Files Linux, Nano, Sysadmin
Apache Server Security on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Apache, Linux, Security, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Laravel Database Management Laravel, MariaDB, MySQL
WordPress Reserved Terms and Post Requests Forms, PHP, WordPress
Reset Project to the Last Git Commit Git
Using Bootstrap 4 & Laravel Mix - Autoload Tether Bootstrap 4, Laravel, Mix, Webpack
Managing Dependencies in a Laravel Package Laravel, PHP
Manage WordPress Plugins Using Composer Composer, PHP, WordPress
Filtering the WordPress Menu Bootstrap 4, PHP, WordPress
Initial Workflow for Composer Package Development Composer, PHP, Workflow
Arrow Functions in ECMAScript 6 ES6, JavaScript
Webpack Configuration for JavaScript, CSS and Babel Front End, JavaScript, Webpack
Reduce a Numerically Indexed Array to a Simple Array in PHP PHP
Using Composer to Manage Specific Version of a Package in a Private Repo Composer, Git, PHP
Let's Encrypt & Apache on Ubuntu Xenial Apache, LetsEncrypt, Security, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Connect Bitbucket with Slack to Receive Notifications Bitbucket, Slack, Sysadmin, Workflow
Gitignore Directory Contents git
MixItUp JavaScript Filter with Bootstrap Dropdown Toggle Filter, JavaScript
Apache Directives in Config vs .htaccess Apache, Sysadmin
Convert ACF Fields Registered by PHP to Importable JSON Format ACF, PHP, WordPress
Jekyll Deploy Methodology BASH, Deployment, Jekyll, Rsync, SSH
Moving Site to New Server with Letsencrypt Certificates LetsEncrypt, SSL, Security, Server
Overriding Fail2Ban Settings Fail2ban, Security, Server
Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus
Grunt Uncss and Jekyll Bootstrap, Grunt, Jekyll, Uncss
Laravel Reflection Error when Class Contains Errors Debugging, Errors, Laravel
Generate URLs to Named Routes in Laravel Laravel, Routing
Nested Resource Routes in Laravel Laravel, Routing
Push to Named Stacks in Laravel Blade Blade, Laravel
Add Body Class on Laravel Views CSS, Laravel
Grep Commands Cheatsheet Sysadmin, grep
Variable Variables in PHP PHP, WordPress
Install Ruby & Ruby on Rails in Ubuntu Xenial Ruby
Preventing User Enumeration in WordPress Apache, Security, WordPress
Inject Menu Item into a Specific WordPress Menu Navigation, WordPress
WordPress Basic Ajax Ajax, WordPress
Embed Google Slides in Jekyll Jekyll
Laravel Front End Assets Quickstart Front End, Laravel, gulp
Laravel Form Validation Primer Forms, Laravel, PHP
Laravel Accessors - Format or Prepare Data for Access Laravel
Laravel Mutators Laravel
Resource Routes - RESTful Routes in Laravel Laravel, PHP
Mount and Transfer Data From an Encrypted Filesystem in Ubuntu Linux, Sysadmin
Check Site Backup Integrity: WordPress/PHP MySQL Backup, VirtualBox, WordPress
Display WordPress Term Links Front End, WordPress
Target the Last Item in a PHP foreach Loop PHP
WordPress Pagination with WP_Query - Page Slug Causing Error WP_Query, WordPress
Upgrading Letsencrypt Auto to Certbot LetsEncrypt, SSL, Server
PHP 7 Null Coalescing Operator PHP
Using Masonry With WordPress and Sage 8
Laravel Models with Artisan Artisan, Laravel, PHP
Set Up & Seed Laravel Database Laravel, MariaDB, MySQL
Install Laravel on Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop Laravel, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Moving a Site to a New Domain - Apache Redirects/Rewrites Apache, Server, Sysadmin, WordPress
Page Sections in Jekyll - Seperating Content from Layout Jekyll, Liquid
Secure rsync Between Servers Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, rsync
Export MySQL Users MariaDB, MySQL
Persistent Iptables Rules in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Firewall, Iptables, Linux, Security, Server, Sysadmin
Apache Virtual Host Setup Apache, Linux, Server, Sysadmin
Bulk Import Images Using WP-CLI WP-CLI, WordPress
Add MixitUp to a Sage Project MixItUp, Sage, WordPress
Delete files in Atom under Ubuntu 16.04 Atom, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Sync a Forked Git Repo to Upstream Git
Using git Branches Git
ArrayAccess PHP Interface OOP, PHP
Mount Disk Drives in Ubuntu & Raspbian Linux, Raspberry Pi, Sysadmin
WordPress Pages for Posts - Show the Content Editor WordPress
Connect Raspberry Pi Backup Server to Remote Server Linux, Raspberry Pi, Sysadmin
Accessing Local Fileserver in Ubuntu Backup, Linux, Sysadmin
Deregister Open Sans from WordPress Admin WordPress, Workflow
Manipulate Paths and Filenames Bash, Linux, Sysadmin
Bootstrap 3 Header Markup for Sage WordPress Theme Bootstrap, Sage, WordPress
Parse YAML in PHP Using Symfony YAML Composer, PHP, WordPress, YAML
Undo a Git add Git
Exim4 Send Only Mailserver Mail
iptables Ubuntu Firewall Linux, Security, Ubuntu
Wget Commands Linux, Sysadmin, Terminal, wget
Semantic Bootstrap Layout Classes with an Offset Bootstrap, SCSS
Get Column Names from a WordPress Database Table MySQL, PHP, WordPress
Atom Crashes on Startup When A Repo has Uncommitted Changes Atom, Git
Fail2Ban and WordPress Fail2Ban, Security, Sysadmin, WordPress
Open Graph Tags for Jekyll Jekyll, Open Graph
Inserting Images in Markdown Jekyll Posts Images, Jekyll, Kramdown, Markdown
Recursively Find and Replace Strings in Files Find, Linux, Sed
Find Ruby Gems Jekyll, Ruby
Retrieve and Display WordPress ACF Repeater Field Data ACF, PHP, WordPress
Rebuild WordPress Site From Incremental Backup Backup, Sysadmin, WordPress
Jekyll Contact Forms Using Formspree Forms, Jekyll
JavaScript Variables from Markdown Includes in Jekyll Jekyll, Liquid, Markdown
Using rsync to Copy Incremental Backups Backup, Linux, Rsync, Sysadmin
Relative File Paths in PHP PHP, WordPress
Control File Access by IP in Apache 2.4 Apache, Security, Sysadmin
Page Sections in Jekyll Jekyll, Static Sites
Find and Replace Filenames Command Line, Linux, Sysadmin
rsync Notes- Push a WP Plugin Bash, Linux, Rsync, Sysadmin, WordPress
Finding Files in git History Git
Bootstrap 4 Navbar Bootstrap, Bootstrap 4
Install a Dev Branch with Bower Bootstrap, Bower
WordPress Error Logging WordPress
WordPress Filter Hooks WordPress
WordPress Action Hooks WordPress
Add a .htaccess File to a Jekyll Site Apache, Jekyll, Performance
WordPress File & Directory Permissions Sysadmin, WordPress
Using git Submodules Git
Incremental Backup using rsync with Hardlinks Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, Ubuntu, rsync
Secure rsync Between Servers Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, rsync
Setup Logwatch Linux, Server, Sysadmin
LAMP Stack Setup LAMP, Linux, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server Setup Linux, Server, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
WordPress Body Classes WordPress
Select Form Element Styling CSS, JavaScript
Set Up SPF Records Mail
WordPress Class Autoloader PHP, WordPress
An Array of Post IDs from WP_Query PHP, WordPress
Incremental Timestamped Local Backup BASH, Backup, Linux, Sysadmin, rsync
Node, NVM & NPM on Ubuntu 14.04 JavaScript, Linux, NPM, NodeJS, Tools
Update WordPress User Meta WordPress
SSH Notes SSH, Security, Sysadmin
Set Up restricted SFTP Access Using OpenSSH Linux, Sysadmin
Responsive Images in IE 8 IE8, LESS
Quick Build WordPress & Roots BASH, Roots, WordPress
Testing Internet Explorer in Ubuntu Using Virtual Machines VM
Bootstrap Carousel with Indicators Navigation for WordPress ACF, Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress, jQuery
Add Items to a WordPress Navigation ul WordPress
Securing a Ubuntu 14.04 Server Linux, Security, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Bootstrap Modals Bootstrap, CSS, WordPress
Remove Unused CSS in WordPress Bootstrap, CSS, Grunt, Tools, WordPress
Glyphicons CSS for Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap, CSS, Tools
Customise WordPress Menu Widget PHP, WordPress
Row back to an Older Git Repo Git, Tools
Set Up Chrome DevTools Workspace Chrome, Tools
Install Jekyll on Ubuntu Jekyll, Linux, Sysadmin, Tools
Install Atom Ubuntu Linux, Sysadmin, Tools
Set up a LAMP stack Linux, Sysadmin
Bootstrap Carousel & Thumbnail Navigation for WordPress Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress, jQuery
Manipulating date format MySQL WordPress, mySQL
Responsive Images: Jekyll Jekyll
Syncing with Bitbucket BASH, Linux, Sysadmin, Tools, WordPress, git
Custom Google Maps in Roots Google Maps, Roots, WordPress
Typical Responsive Breakpoints CSS
WordPress CLI Tools, WP-CLI, WordPress
Set Up WP Development Environment Linux, Sysadmin, WordPress
Linux Cheat Sheet Linux
Add Font Awesome to Roots Roots, WordPress
Custom Sidebars in Roots Roots, WordPress
Download A Website Using wget Sysadmin
Second Dropbox on Ubuntu 14.04 Linux, Sysadmin, Ubuntu
Jekyll Push to gh-pages Branch Sysadmin
Using the Web Icons Design, Tools